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Claire creates plays and programming for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, of which these are but some!
Loquacious Lucy

An ongoing play series designed to help families discuss slavery and anti-racism.


When Lucy, a gregarious and loquacious young enslaved girl, discovers that her best friend is being sold away, she finds comfort and courage in the story of the extraordinary Queen Nzinga, shared with her by her wise and loving father. In the sequel, Lucy's parents further encourage her to find a way to pursue her own dreams, even as she is compelled to grow into a new role in her enslaver's household. Written with Mary Carter and Margarette Joyner, with support from our museum theatre family. 
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Even the greatest had to start somewhere.

An aspiring young writer inveigles her siblings and friend into performing a double bill of mystery and comedy for her utterly bewildered father. What is the dreadful and furtive secret concealed by the Humbug family? Whom shall marry whom at the Fitzgeralds’ dinner party? And as to that young writer…doesn’t she seem just the slightest bit familiar? The answers to all your most pressing questions can be found in Claire's adaptation of Jane Austen’s Juvenilia.

Lucinda and the Lottery

Love is like a lottery.

Elegant, winsome heiress Lucinda Clairmont has everything her heart desires: beauty, wit, a vast fortune, a bevy of devoted suitors, and a city full of friends. But when her father's long illness turns more grave as the Christmastide season begins, Lucinda devises a series of stratagems to discern which of her prospective husbands is really worthy of her hand in marriage...but will her scheming be the very thing that pushes her one true love away?
Star Flyer

Time to be brave.

Sybil Luddington longs for much more than her provincial life can offer, but her daydreams of glory are frequently interrupted by the down-to-earth needs of her militia colonel father, tenacious farmer mother, and seven little siblings. However, the impending arrival of British Forces in a nearby town offers Sybil the chance to be a hero of which she’s always dreamed.
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