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The Age of Innocence

Seventy-five minutes ; two women, one man

May Welland has spent her entire life preparing to be Mrs. Newland Archer: the perfect wife for the perfect husband. She is demure, devoted, and unfailingly uninterested in anyone or anything else but him...until the homecoming of her scandal-stained cousin, the tragic and mysterious Countess Ellen Olenska puts an end to the perfectly gilded existence May had never before thought to doubt.
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Pride & Prejudice

Ninety minutes ; thirteen to thirty actors of all genders

New neighbors, old friends, awkward flirtations, and crowded dances...there’s always some matter for gossip and speculation stirring up the little English village of Meryton. And in this countryside whirlwind live the five Bennet sisters, who couldn’t be more different from one another...but when prospective marriages, money troubles, and the painful mistakes that accompany coming of age shake the foundations of their family, they must find a way to grow together, rather than growing apart. P&P is available at YouthPLAYS!
The Female Quixote

Seventy minutes ; nine girls and three boys, ages 10 - 18

Hoping to cheer up one of their number, whose life is about to change forever in the face of her sister’s impending marriage, a dozen young dreamers transform Charlotte Lennox’s novel, The Female Quixote, into a play of their very own. Like her namesake from Cervantes, their story’s title character, Arabella, believes all the world is her personal fairytale. However, as she grows up, Arabella must grow into new realities of love and loss, and so, too, must the young ladies, learning how to care for and support one another in their fast-changing world. The Female Quixote is available at YouthPLAYS!
Mansfield Park

Ninety minutes ; fifteen to thirty actors of all genders

Fanny Price has always felt out of place in the splendor and stateliness of Mansfield Park, the estate of her wealthy relations the Bertrams, a quarrelsome family that always is astir over something or other. The arrival of new bohemian neighbors, the Crawfords, further unsettles the household, as does the impending marriage of eldest daughter Maria. Lost in the shuffle, Fanny must take care not to lose sight of herself, and forge a path that brings her true happiness, no matter what others may think.
Mansfield Cover.png
Moriarty's Daughters

Sixty minutes ; flexible ensemble cast

In 1897 New York City, Lucy and Louise Bullard are trying their best to live a quiet life, untouched by the legacy of their father Adam Worth, an internationally infamous conman and art thief whose exploits inspired the character of Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes stories. However, upon discovering that their father has a third daughter, kept in the care of their aunt, and that the aunt in question has just been falsely accused of an elaborate crime, the girls cannot help but be drawn into the mystery. Add in their nosy landlady, her snarky, sneaky daughter, and the local chapter of the Sherlock Holmes Admiration Society, and it’s a recipe for problems, plots, and escapades more convoluted than anything Arthur Conan Doyle...or Adam Worth himself...could conjure! Moriarty's Daughters will be available at Stage Partners in the spring!
Fortune and Felicity

Sixty minutes ; one woman, one man

A Regency romance novel, brought to life! London, 1813. After a lifetime of striving for perfection in everything, Felicity Finch has changed her mind. Determined to ruin her reputation and free herself from the societal rules she once esteemed above all, she enlists the help of an infamous playboy—but in meeting her opposite, perhaps she’s also met her match...
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